Araz Hotel

Nowshahr 5-star Araz hotel is under construction on a 54000 square meters land with over than 103000 square meters built-up area and 29 floors.

This‏ coastal hotel, which is located in the beautiful and attractive Chelak  area-between Noor and Nowshahr- in Mazandaran province, is a luxurious and magnificent complex with more than 500 rooms, suites, royal suites, etc., and is one of the biggest residential complexes in Iran. Also, by considering some VIP royal suites, it is possible for the well-known people to reside in this hotel.

The building façade’s design is based on the combination of curved forms and wide glass surfaces which present the beautiful scenery of forest and sea. This building is designed in a way that in the middle of it, part of the curved mass, is broken on both sides of the building, and at the end floors, the building is retreated in stepped form in three directions and ended to the revolving restaurant on the roof.

Some other facilities of the building are restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, halls, pools, and private pier which is in the form of an artificial island.

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